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Brooklyn Museum’s ‘Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion’ is out of this world

Most haute couturiers whip up gowns for galas, chic suits for high-powered meetings and tasteful cocktail dresses for ladies’ luncheons. Pierre Cardin makes clothes to wear on the moon. French fashion designer Pierre CardinAP Those space-age threads — launched in 1964 with his Cosmos collection — included ribbed body stockings and vinyl minidresses worn with silver thigh-high boots, as well as astronaut-inspired helmets, metallic pendants and Plexiglas vests. And, yes, he really did intend them for interplanetary living. “Like much of the culture, Cardin was obsessed with the space race in the 1960s,” says Matthew Yokobosky, curator of “Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion” at the Brooklyn Museum. But the exhibit, which inclu ...