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Airfares, fancy clothes and lavish meals: How the Turpins kept their evil secret

In January 2019, Jordan Turpin, then 17, used a deactivated cellphone to call 911 and reveal a truth that shocked the world: She and her 12 siblings were being imprisoned by their parents. “They abuse us, and my two little sisters right now are chained up,” she told the operator. “They chain us up if we do things we’re not supposed to.” What police found when they arrived at the Perris, Calif., home was a filthy dungeon complete with cages and chains. The children were unspeakably dirty, and the whole place reeked of human waste. In “The Family Next Door” (St. Martin’s Press), out July 23, author John Glatt reveals the bizarre years leading up to the arrests. In early 1990, David Turpin was transferred from Southern C ...