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'The Farewell' shows off Awkwafina and finds truths in a lie

(CNN)"The Farewell" will inevitably inspire references to "Crazy Rich Asians," featuring a predominantly Asian cast, a wedding, lots of big mouth-watering meals and Awkwafina. The similarities, however, pretty much end there, in a small, melancholy movie that explores cultural differences and dealing with death in an utterly charming, understated manner.While Awkwafina played the ebullient best pal in the earlier film, here she's elevated to the lead as Billi, a slightly lost 20-something, still relying on her parents (Tzi Ma, Diana Lin) while living the life of a struggling artist in New York. The whole family, meanwhile, is dealt a blow when they discover that Billi's grandmother , who still lives in China, has received a terminal diagno ...