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Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t be stopped by jersey gaffe

He’s a household name in the soccer world, but on Thursday night, Zlatan Imbrahimovic went by a slightly different moniker. The Swedish striker’s LA Galaxy jersey had him going by “IRBAHIMOVIC” for a home match against Toronto FC. Whatever the reason for the change, it seemed to have worked for the star, who broke a two-game goalless streak with by netting both goals in a 2-0 win. He now has 13 goals on the season, second-best in MLS. He took the error in stride, however, joking with reporters about it afterward. “I just saw a picture of it,” he told reporters. “Happy Fourth of July was early for the kit guy. He celebrated before the game not after the game. “People know my last name, I’m not worried about that.” ...