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‘Harlots’ star Liv Tyler on motherhood, plumbers and filming with Brad Pitt

It’s an early June evening and Liv Tyler has just returned from an emergency dentist appointment with her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Lula. “I hate scooters. Whoever invented the scooter is an a–hole. Seriously. What is happening?” Liv says, her signature breathy voice belying her dismay. The day prior, Lula fell in a London park while scooting, bashing her lip open and chipping her front tooth. “Azalea” caftan, $2,795, similar styles at Prabal Gurung; Jewelry, Tyler’s own throughout.Joshua Jordan“We just went to the dentist, and he was able to bond the front of it a little bit. She has the prettiest teeth ever. They are perfect. I actually — literally — take pictures of them. There’s just something about her s ...