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The best way to DIY a tie-dye t-shirt

Brooklyn-based artist Ruth Moskell, 31, says beginners shouldn’t fear rolling up their sleeves and try to DIY tie-dye. The at-home color aficionado — who teaches workshops at Artists & Fleas in Soho and sells her dyed wares on her Etsy shop, PeterPiperBK — suggests that newbie colorists try the traditional “spiral” design: a classic pattern that looks dramatic but is actually simple to master. You’ll need a plain white 100-percent-cotton tee — polyester blends won’t absorb bright hues as easily as natural fabrics. To prep the shirt, you’ll also need soda ash, a k a sodium carbonate, a sister to baking soda, which can be purchased at most craft stores (or on Amazon). Combine the ash with water, and soak the shirt ...