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Tom Hanks says it was ‘terrible’ parting with ‘Toy Story’ character Woody

Saying farewell to the “Toy Story” character Woody was no easy task for actor Tom Hanks, who has voiced the beloved sheriff since the start of the franchise. Hanks, during an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” earlier this week, was questioned by host Graham Norton about “Toy Story 4,” which hit theaters earlier this month. “This is the last one, so what’s that like?” Norton asked. “Is it emotional or is it just like another day at the office?” “It was terrible, it was terrible,” Hanks, 62, replied. “I started recording Woody in 1991, that’s when we got together to do the first one.” He added: “You record these things over about four years, and the last session — I thought it would just be odds ...