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Rare ‘corpse flower’ returns to stink up NYC this summer

As ephemeral as life itself, the “corpse flower” is back in full — albeit brief — bloom. The giant, foul-smelling plant only reaches peak flowering for a fleeting 24-to-36 period. Friday marks the beginning of the ideal time to experience the horticultural marvel at it’s most rank as it emanates the smell of rotting meat. “The corpse flower has begun to open,” says New York Botanical Garden’s Director of Glasshouse Horticulture Marc Hachadourian in a video posted posted on Facebook. Officially known as the Amorphophallus Titanum, the flowers take seven-to-10 years to muster up the stinky energy needed to open. Alas, New Yorkers can’t seem to get enough of its funk. The corpse flower is on display at The NYBG’s Eni ...