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Disney dominating rivals as 'Toy Story 4' storms box office

(CNN)When it comes to Disney and summer box-office hits, it really is a small world after all, as the studio -- having bulked up on marquee properties -- continues to dwarf the competition."Avengers: Endgame" is the story of the year, within striking distance of "Avatar's" mark as the top-grossing movie worldwide of all time. "Aladdin" has flown high as well, bearing down on $300 million in North American ticket sales.In terms of Disney's dominance, though, that's the tip of the magic-carpet ride. The next several weeks promise to bring Mousketeers more good news, with big returns for "Toy Story 4" this weekend and more anticipated for "The Lion King," which premieres on July 19.Sony, meanwhile, will actually release "Spider-Man: Far From ...