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He found a class ring that was lost for nearly 60 years and tracked down the owner to return it

(CNN)Luke Berube is used to digging up old trinkets with his metal detector.But when he found a 1960 class ring in a Massachusetts pond, he decided to seek out its rightful owner and return it. Berube, 29, was scuba diving with his metal detector when he discovered a ring at the bottom of the pond..Upon examination, Berube noticed a small gold crest on the front with the school's name and the initials WJW engraved. After some internet research when he returned home on Saturday, he found out the 10-carat ring turned out to be from the former Gate of Heaven High School in South Boston."Because there were identifying marks on it, that's the biggest reason why I wanted to push to get it back to somebody," Berube told CNN. "Many times I'll find ...