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Knicks can’t go wrong with future All-Stars Ja Morant or RJ Barret

The Knicks may get themselves a potential All-Star on Thursday just by waiting for Memphis to select. According to Ryan Blake, draft consultant to the NBA, the Knicks can’t go wrong with the third pick in the draft at Barclays Center. At No. 2, Memphis will take either Murray State point guard Ja Morant — as many believe — or Duke swingman RJ Barrett, and the Knicks will be in good shape. Blake called it “a tough one’’ to choose between the two college studs, but added, “If I was starting a team from scratch, I’d give a little edge to Ja. He has a little bit more proven weaponry.’’ However, Blake is also in love with Barrett. “I think he’s going to be a future All-Star,’’ Blake said. “We look at where we ...