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‘Game of Thrones’ Mountain defends his World’s Strongest Man title

BRADENTON, Florida — The last time we saw The Mountain on “Game of Thrones”, he was hurtling to his death in a giant fireball at the end of a fight with his brother, the Hound, in King’s Landing. Since then, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, the 6-foot-9, 441-pound actor who played the Mountain, has moved on. He’s in Florida, defending his World’s Strongest Man title, with the finals on Sunday. Bjornsson, a native of Iceland, first won the title last year in the Philippines, and he may have the upper hand, now that he can devote more time to competition since “GoT” wrapped. (He also does commercials for Sodastream and is considering several other acting projects.) “You have to be willing to work 365 days a year and be absol ...