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‘Euphoria’: HBO’s raw teen sex junkies are all shock, no value

Exploitation flashback: Promotional art for the 1936 drugs-and-sex film “Reefer Madness.”Everett CollectionHBO finally has its own “Reefer Madness.” Much press has been devoted to “Euphoria,” the premium cable network’s attempt to catch up to Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” by producing a series that captures the swirling vortex of drugs, porn and meaningless sex that has claimed an entire generation! Much like the 1936 propaganda film (original title: “Tell Your Children”) that warned parents about the dangers of “marijuana cigarettes” that could be smoked at wild jazz parties, this Drake-produced series, created by Sam Levinson, son of Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson (“Diner” and “Rain Man”), go ...