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Joe Douglas on Adam Gase bond, military dad, Jets’ Super Bowl quest

New Jets general manager Joe Douglas discusses the types of players he seeks, the importance of culture and his philosophy on team-building in a Q&A chat with Post columnist Steve Serby. Q: Who are GMs in any sport who you admire? A: Growing up in Richmond, and growing up at the time of the Fun Bunch and the Hogs — it was Redskins where I grew up — I always admired how Bobby Beathard was aggressive in acquiring players, and how him and [coach] Joe Gibbs worked together. I always thought it was pretty unique how Joe Gibbs was out front, but Bobby Beathard was able to be more behind the scenes and build the team. As far as currently, I think Golden State’s GM [Bob] Myers, he does such a great job. [Tuesday] morning I woke up and ...