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'Euphoria' and 'Trinkets' join crowded class of TV teens in trouble

(CNN)There's no faster shortcut to "edginess" than pushing the envelope in depicting teenagers engaging in sex and drug use, usually in a way designed to give parents nightmares. Bringing something fresh to the formula is another matter -- especially when the class is so crowded -- for new series in separate wastelands: HBO's "Euphoria," starring Zendaya, and Netflix's "Trinkets.""Euphoria" takes the "teenage wasteland" concept to extremes, focusing on Zendaya's Rue, a young addict, and her equally troubled circle of friends. Beyond plenty of drug abuse, the youths are depicted in an assortment of sex acts -- with peers and adults -- through the first four episodes previewed.Many of those scenes are jarringly explicit, including as much ma ...