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This ‘When They See Us’ scene won star Jharrel Jerome a standing ovation

The explosive Netflix series “When They See Us” features five young actors playing the “Central Park Five,” convicted for raping Trisha Meili, aka the Central Park Jogger, in 1989. The convictions were vacated in 2002 when Mattias Reyes confessed to the crime and, of the five young men, Korey Wise — 16 at the time and treated as an adult — served his sentence at Rikers Island before being transferred to other facilities, including Attica and Wende Correctional Facility. Jharrel Jerome, who portrays Wise, is the only one of the five actors to play his role as a teen and as an adult. He auditioned twice for “When They See Us” executive producer Ava DuVernay, once when he was clean-shaven and the next time bearded, convi ...