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‘sMothered’ daughter: My husband’s done ‘third wheeling’ me and my mom

“SMothered,” TLC’s new reality TV show co-produced by The Post, shines a spotlight on close — maybe too close — mother-daughter relationships. In a four-part series of exclusive interviews with The Post, the TLC “sMothered” cast — Cathy and Cristina, Sunhe and Angelica, Cher and Dawn, and Sandra and Mariah — spill the dirt on all their daughter-mama drama. The show airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC. Cher and Dawn Cher, 27, lives on the Upper East Side, while mom Dawn, 59, lives in Florida — but “distance does not keep us apart,” says Dawn. “A lot of mothers and daughters will say, ‘We spoke today already, so I don’t need to call her again, I know she’s good,’ ” says Cher, a nurse and dating coach wh ...