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US and Canada are having a national anthem showdown during the NBA finals

(CNN)Before the Warriors and Raptors duke it out on the court, another battle royale takes place at the NBA Finals. And if you're skipping it, you're missing out.It's the Battle of the National Anthem Dominance between the US and Canada.Here, we look back at the showdown and rank who's winning:Game 1Jordan Smith vs. The TenorsJordan Smith, he of the "The Voice" fame, came out swinging. His high notes were pristine; his delivery of the last stanza of "The Star Spangled Banner" was flawless and crisp. It's clear he sang in a church choir growing up. Representing Canada were The Tenors. Excellent harmony: check. A backing track to give it a symphonic, cinematic feel: check. And yet ...The winner: Smith. He upstaged a trio by himself. Game 2F ...