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James Corden admits to crippling nerves ahead of hosting this weekend's Tony Awards

(CNN)James Corden may seem like an old pro when it comes to hosting awards shows, but even he gets nervous.It's more than just a slight case of the butterflies. His performance anxiety got so bad at one point, he told CNN in an interview this week as he prepares to host the Tony Awards, that he sought professional help."I get nerves to an almost crippling degree," he said. "I actually went to see someone about it at one point because it was getting to a point where I was so nervous it was unmanageable. "This is a few years ago now, and then he taught me this thing that you've got to see nerves as a good thing. You're only ever nervous when you want to do your best. You're only ever nervous when something matters. So when nerves come, you'v ...