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McDonald’s Worldwide Favorites menu is a greasy, putrid trash fire

McDonald’s new Worldwide Favorites menu — a roundup of the chain’s purported top hits abroad — proves that the world’s worse off than we knew. Each of five items, launched this week and inspired by different countries, is awful in its own way. But hideous qualities they all share make it convenient to flush the whole lot down the toilet at once — ghastly flavors, sickly mouthfeel and industrial-tasting sauces. If, as McDonald’s boasts, “Around the world is now around the corner,” no one should leave their house. Stroopwafel McFlurry ($3.09) McDonald’s Stroopwafel McFlurryAnnie Wermiel/NY PostThe Big Mac boys clearly translated “stroopwafel,” the Netherlands’ crispy, caramel creme-filled dessert waffle, as ...