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'Good Omens' turns Armageddon into a good time

(CNN)The Lord really does work in mysterious ways in "Good Omens," which -- given the recent abundance of apocalyptic series -- is surprisingly good, and even when it lags, considerable fun. Neil Gaiman adapts his own 1990 novel, yielding a show that thematically falls somewhere between the prolific writer's impenetrable "American Gods" and TBS' end-of-the-world comedy "Miracle Workers."Most of the show's charm hinges on the unlikely camaraderie between an Angel and a Demon, played, with considerable gusto, by Michael Sheen and David Tennant.Sheen's Aziraphale and Tennant's Crowley have been through a lot together, stationed as they are on Earth, where high-class lunches seem to be their favorite pastime. Both are taken aback to see events ...