Cannes: Film On Industry Abuse Exposes How Actress Was 'Slapped 30 Times'

Cannes: HighlightsActress Wu Ke-xi's new movie is abuse industry abuse She shared her own harrowing account of workplace abuse "It went on and on, him shooting it all in close-up," she saidwindow._pricee = window._pricee || []; _pricee.push({container : '_pcwgtmid'});Actress Wu Ke-xi's striking new movie Nina Wu, about industry abuse, was screened at the Cannes film festival.The Taiwanese star knows what it is to be humiliated by a director drunk on his own power.She will never forget being repeatedly slapped in the face during the shoot of an advert for a Mahjong video game early in her career.Wu was publicly punished for having the temerity to ask the director a question."I just wanted to know whether a shot would be a close-up or in lon ...
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