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Wilson Ramos finally provides offensive punch for Mets

WASHINGTON — The manager, he had a premonition. He had a feeling, a sense, and he was armed with some handy factoids to back it all up. This was around 4 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, and someone had asked Mickey Callaway about his catcher, Wilson Ramos, who at the time was hitting a softer-than-soft .235 with a .586 OPS that should’ve come with a surgeon general’s warning. “When Ramos catches, we’re 17-11, right?” Callaway said. “That’s six games above .500. I don’t know if you can ask for much more than that. I would be interested to see if any starting catcher in baseball has a better winning percentage than that.” (If this managing thing doesn’t work out for Callaway — and the next two weeks may well go a ...