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Kacey Musgraves to fan: ‘I’m not f–king drinking out of your shoe’

There once was a woman who didn’t want to drink out of a shoe. But she had so many fans, she didn’t know what to do! Kacey Musgraves risked insulting her Australian audience Sunday night when she refused to do a “shoey” despite mounting pressure from concert-goers. As the crowd chanted “Shoey” — Aussie slang for the weird party trick of drinking an entire beer out of one’s footwear — over and over, Musgraves looked out from the stage in confusion, before firmly shutting the request down. “News flash, that wouldn’t work for me,” the Grammy winner joked, lifting a leg to reveal open-toed stiletto sandals under her floral-patterned pantsuit. But onlookers, including members of her onstage band, would not let it g ...