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US couple say Kenyan authorities took their 3-year-old boy

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN)An American couple living in Nairobi, Kenya, is demanding answers after a three-year-old boy in their custody, they say, was taken away by authorities last month without explanation.Surveillance footage from April 5, obtained by CNN, shows two cars pull up to the Mazzoncinis' apartment complex and a group of people piling out. Shortly after, two women, their faces obscured by headscarves, can be seen carrying the boy downstairs and out of the building. That was the last time Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini saw Kiano, whom they say they've been caring for since he was 6 months old."I had just finished putting Kiano to bed and he had just fallen asleep and I walked out of his room and saw Matt's face and all these people and I j ...