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‘Schooled’ star AJ Michalka relates to role, hates on Zima

Schooled | Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., ABC If anyone can appreciate the struggles faced by Lainey, the failed singer who reluctantly returns to teach music at her old high school on “Schooled,” it’s AJ Michalka. In real life, AJ, 27, and her big sister Aly, 29, have nabbed accolades, gold and platinum records and an American Music Award nomination as a pop-music duo. But doubts still creep in. “There was a time when I did not feel confident in our music, and I think Lainey has felt that way most of her life,” said AJ, who stars in “The Goldbergs” spinoff. “You go through a lull and find yourself in a writer’s block. Those things translate between character and real life.” The sisters still record and tour — they host ...