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She hoped a shooting wouldn't happen at her son's school. 'Hoping didn't work'

(CNN)The day Cami Brainard feared would come, did. There was a shooting at her son's school."I knew that there was a possibility that it would someday happen close to home. ... And I'm sad to say that I've never really done anything about it except for hope."And hoping didn't work," Brainard told CNN's "Newsroom" on Thursday.The 34-year-old mother became emotional when audio captured by her son's cell phone was replayed, with an alarm sounding and a voice telling students to take cover."Sorry, just listening to it again just is so hard. It's definitely still very surreal. I don't want to be here right now," Brainard said, her voice shaking. "This is really hard for me, but I just feel like it's extremely important that people out there kno ...