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Officer says he shot a 14-year-old who had a gun. Boy says he was unarmed

Oklahoma City (CNN)When Sgt. Kyle Holcomb sees someone climb out the window of an abandoned Oklahoma City home, he barks two quick commands. Within a second, before the person has time to comply, Holcomb fires through a hole in the fence: pop-pop-pop-pop. Two of the four shots hit 14-year-old Lorenzo Clerkley. The officer was placed on administrative leave following the March shooting but has since returned to full duty after being cleared of criminal wrongdoing. Though Lorenzo's mother, Cherelle Lee, feels fortunate to have her son with her today, she isn't satisfied with the prosecutor's decision to clear Holcomb. She wants answers. Chief among them: Why didn't Holcomb give Lorenzo time to heed his orders?Firearm vs. airguns: Can you tell ...