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Film legend shares some of Hollywood’s biggest film secrets

He went from Coney Island’s boardwalk to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That’s Irwin Winkler, the 87-year-old legend behind such classics as “Goodfellas,” “Raging Bull” and “Rocky.” Over his 50-year career as a writer, director and producer, Winkler has worked with Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorsese, Liza Minnelli, Demi Moore, Elvis Presley and other icons. And long before receiving the first of his 12 Academy Awards, his earliest training in filmmaking — as he writes in “A Life in Movies: Stories from 50 years in Hollywood” (Abrams Press) — came when he was a kid in the 1940s in Coney Island. “I worked on the boardwalk on a bumper-car ride,” Winkler told The Post. “My job was to separate t ...