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‘Twilight Zone’ actors recall starring in classic ’60s sci-fi series

Bill Mumy and Jan Handzlik took different routes in their careers, but they share a common bond: acting in classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” Rod Serling’s black-and-white anthology series, which originally aired on CBS (1959-64), is back for its annual New Year’s marathon on Syfy, which runs Sunday through Wednesday and includes episodes in which Mumy and Handzlik co-starred. Mumy (as “Billy” Mumy) was in three “Twilight Zone” episodes — most memorably in 1961’s “It’s a Good Life” as the thought-reading demon seed Anthony Fremont. He also co-starred in “Long Distance Call” (1961) — as a 5-year-old talking to his dead grandmother over a toy telephone — and with Jack Klugman in 1963’s “In Pr ...