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Rapper 2 Milly sues Fortnite for allegedly stealing dance moves

A Brooklyn rapper has filed a lawsuit against makers of the popular video game Fortnite for allegedly stealing his dance moves. Hip-hop artist 2 Milly claims Fortnite creators at Epic games allow players to purchase a dance called “Swipe It” that resembles his own move called the “Milly Rock Dance.” “My daughter was like, ‘Hey dad, your dance is in the game,'” the rapper told TMZ. Fortnite allows players to purchase features, called “emotes,” which resemble popular dance moves. 2 Milly said he only wants compensation from the money made off the “Swipe It” dance emote in Season 5 of the game. “Whatever they made off that specific emote, ‘Swipe It,’ that’s what I want there,” he added. “I don’t want ...