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Scientists say this is the most influential film of all-time

‘The Wizard of Oz’ has been named the most influential movie of all time by scientists. It topped a ranking system using algorithms to work out a film’s impact, rather than relying on box office sales. The 1939 classic got the highest “influence score” based on how many times it was referenced in subsequent movies. It was followed by ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Psycho’ and the original ‘King Kong,’ made in 1933. Experts at the University of Turin, Italy, looked at 47,000 films listed in IMDb, the internet movie database. The ‘Wizard of Oz’ was nominated for four Oscars in 1940, and won two. It was beaten to the Best Picture gong by ‘Gone With The Wind,’ which came 19th on the scientists’ list. All films in the top 2 ...