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Christine McConnell’s new cooking show features werewolves, fake eyeballs

Cooking shows don’t normally include puppets or fake eyeballs on the menu, but “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” is anything but ordinary. In its star’s own words, the Netflix series is “a mix between Donna Reed and Morticia Addams. But also maybe like if Marilyn Munster grew up and gave up on dating too much and started running her own house.” McConnell, 37, is an artist, photographer, model and baker who achieved online celebrity when photos of her spooky edible creations attracted attention (she has 445,000 Instagram followers). “I started baking, not thinking [a show] could ever happen. I was just doing it for fun — weird, creepy stuff,” McConnell tells The Post. “Werewolves and snakes, things lik ...