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'The Front Runner' charts implosion of Gary Hart campaign

(CNN)"The Front Runner" captures what turned out to be pivotal moment in politics and media, zeroing in on the moment when the look-the-other-way mentality about candidates' personal indiscretions forever changed. At its core, too, is how that shift torpedoed the 1988 presidential run by Gary Hart, played with convincing indignation by Hugh Jackman."A lot can happen in three weeks," the film notes at the outset, proceeding to chronicle the rapid downfall of Hart's candidacy, after he was exposed cavorting on a yacht with Donna Rice (Sara Paxton). It was, it's noted, not the first time he had strayed from his wife (Vera Farmiga), including separations in the past.What's different, this time, is that Hart is running for president, and -- in ...