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Olafia Kristinsdottir: 'I want to be the Federer of women's golf'

With imprecision punished by a ball landing in the lava fields, Icelandic golfers have an extra incentive to make the fairways. Some courses lie inside old volcanoes and require players to battle howling winds as they hit shots over expanses of ocean. The golf season only lasts from May to September, before the elements take hold and the sensible take shelter indoors. It couldn't be further from the azaleas of Augusta National. And yet, for all the obstacles, golf in the land of fire and ice is thriving. Just ask Ólafía Kristinsdóttir, the country's first ever professional golfer. "Icelanders, I think we are kind of cool in that we believe anything is possible," she tells CNN Sport. Kristinsdóttir only joined the elite LPGA Tour in 2017 ...