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Rescuer hit in Syria airstrike, keeps filming

(CNN)As he had done dozens of times before, Anas al-Diab rushed to film the aftermath of an airstrike in Syria's Idlib province. The 22-year-old citizen journalist and rescuer with the White Helmets volunteer group snapped photographs of a leveled potato chip factory in Khan Sheikhoun on Friday as his friends and colleagues hosed down the flames.Suddenly, another explosion hit. This time Diab became a victim, but he kept his camera rolling.The dramatic footage provided to CNN by the White Helmets shows Diab bleeding heavily from the legs, unable to stand, as he cries out for help."Guys, guys, please come carry me," he shouts to his fellow rescue workers, the video shows. "I can't move." Several other men try to get him to safety, but witho ...