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6 trendy pieces of luggage for your next trip

Before you take off on your next trip, make sure to have the best luggage in tow. No trips planned? From affordable staples to statement pieces, this gear will inspire you to get moving. Duffel shuffle EverlaneLeave it to chic clothing e-tailer Everlane to reinvent the classic duffel. Its Mover Pack ($78) is a hybrid duffel that can turn into backpack when its contents become too heavy. It also comes in an assortment of Instagram-worthy colors for that next quick getaway. Bespoke’s model RoamA perfect suitcase reflects your personality. Good thing Roam allows travelers to customize everything from the case and the wheels to the zippers and the stitching in hues from safari green to Arabian purple. It’s founded by Tumi execs Charl ...