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Volkswagen is making a $5.86M hypercar

What do you do when making one of the world’s most expensive cars isn’t enough? You double down. Bugatti, maker of the $2.8 million Chiron, has announced that it is building an ultra-exclusive new model at more than twice the price of its current flagship. The radical Bugatti Divo hypercar will cost $5.86 million. Bugatti, an Italian brand that is over 100 years old, is owned and operated by Volkswagen. However, even if you can afford the historically high price tag, further exclusivity is guaranteed. Bugatti will build only 40 examples, placing the Divo in the realm of the rarest new cars on the planet. The Chiron and Divo will share underpinnings but their characters will differ. Bugatti teased the release of the Divo by reveal ...