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Ethiopians and Eritreans are now allowed to call each other after 20 years

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Frehiwot Negash picked up the phone and called a random number. The Ethiopian finance manager was trying to test if indeed she could now place a call to Eritrea after 20 long years of being cut off from the neighboring country in the aftermath of a bloody border war. The person on the other line answered. It was a hotel.Negash, 33, told CNN: "The receptionist picked up. So I said 'I'm calling from Ethiopia.' Then I passed the congratulations message to her, and I told her that I am very happy and she also said 'I am happy too." Negash says she now plans to visit Eritrea later this year. After it was announced on Monday that phone lines would be restored between both countries, Ethiopia's telecoms company, Ethios, sent te ...