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Old Terry Collins rant video has Mets fans missing him

There has to be more of these videos stored away somewhere. Two years ago, Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard was ejected in a game against the Dodgers after he threw a 99-mph fastball nearly a foot behind Chase Utley. And now the video of Terry Collins’ profanity-laced tirade targeted first at home plate umpire Adam Hamari and then at crew chief Tom Hallion has resurfaced and gone viral. Collins was — for obvious reasons — thrown out of the game. The tension between the two teams stemmed from Utley’s late slide into second base during the 2015 NLDS that broke shortstop Ruben Tejada’s leg. The clip had some fans — some perhaps sarcastically — fondly remembering Collins’ tenure, which included a 2015 World Series ...