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Brent Faiyaz on Sonder's origins, album 'Sonder Son' and why he only spent 20 minutes at the Grammys

It's not an uncommon practice for musicians to get tattooed to mark the completion of a new album — a trend embraced by the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, among others. But for R&B singer Brent Faiyaz, inspiration for his 2017 debut “Sonder Son” came from ink that he already had.The neologism “sonder” is tattooed above his right eyebrow, and it would become the name of the R&B trio he’d lead with producers Dpat and Atu as well as part of the title of his debut album."The main reason we started Sonder and released it under that name was because if we were to say 'Dpat and Atu with Brent' it just wouldn't sound as good," Faiyaz explained recently over lunch in downtown L.A.But why the tattoo?Th ...