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The 'Fitbit for fertility' celebrates a milestone: A baby

After years of trying to conceive, 32-year old Lizzie McGee gave birth to Jace last month. What made the baby boy special, beyond the amazing qualities of any new child: he was the first "Ava baby," McGee's reference to the Ava fertility tracker that's one of several new, lower-cost tech solutions for fertility. “It was amazing. He’s a healthy, sweet-tempered, beautiful baby boy,” McGee told me over the phone from her home in St. George, Utah. “He’s a little miracle. There was such a long time that we didn’t even know if we would be able to have a baby.”  McGee is one of more than 7.4 million women in the United States who have struggled with getting pregnant and sought help with fertility issues — help that’s often ardu ...