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Middle-aged women are over dressing frumpy

When beauty guru Bobbi Brown, 60, met with President Obama at the White House in May 2016, she didn’t spend a lot of time agonizing over her dress. “I wore a pair of black pants from Band of Outsiders, a white button-down shirt and Stan Smith sneakers,” she tells The Post proudly. “The first thing Obama said when he saw me was, ‘Cool kicks, Bobbi Brown!’ ” Bobby Brown  looks effortlessly chic in a bomber jacket, jeans and Stan Smith sneakers.WireImageNot long ago, women Brown’s age — in fact, most women over the age of 40 — were expected to fade into middle age wearing low heels and dowdy dresses. But many of the outdated rules about what is — and isn’t — appropriate for ladies after age 40 are being thrown ...